Amazing, Confidence Boosting Reasons to Have a Burlesque Hen Party

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First, What’s a Burlesque Hen Party?

A burlesque hen party, in essence, combines the sparkle and glamour of burlesque with the overall fun and giggles of a girls’ night out or hen party. It’s a glittertastic way to bond; classically feminine with a touch of naughtiness.

But actually, it’s more than that. How many hen’s do you know who spend the time running up to their wedding; dieting, worrying, stressed out and trying (sometimes obsessively) to make themselves perfect for the big day??

Maybe you’ve even been that hen yourself? Well at The Cheek of It! We invite you to take a break from all that mayhem and focus on what really matters- Feeling fabulous, giggling and screaming with laughter and remembering just how amazing you already are.

Burlesque has that little bit of magic and mischief about it that not only boosts your confidence but leaves you feeling (regardless of age, shape or size) that you rock like a Goddess of Sexy, Sassy Glory and all you really need to do is enjoy every minute of your amazing celebration!!

What Can Women Expect at This Type of Party?

This isn’t a typical hen party, for sure. But that’s what makes it so attractive! Attendees (cheekettes) will learn an authentic burlesque showgirl routine – and, let’s be honest, that’s something you’ve always wanted to do anyway!

You will also learn to strike a pose like pin-ups of decades past, learn elements of striptease, create alter egos that inspire you and master the wiggles and shimmies of this unique art form.

It’s all about having fun, building your confidence, and empowering yourself as the sexy, fabulous in-control woman that you are.

What Do You Learn in a Burlesque Class, Really?

Aside from the basic mechanics, one of the biggest lessons of burlesque is not to take yourself too seriously.

Truly, it’s hard to take yourself seriously when you’re wiggling, giggling, and covered in glitter.

Most women have some level of insecurity before they walk in the door, but that all goes out the window once the lesson begins.

You forget all of the imperfections you think you have, and you forget how silly you think you look when you dance. That’s the power of burlesque. It’s women coming together for the simple purpose of having fun.

Are There Benefits to Learning Burlesque?


Aside from the benefits of building confidence, enjoying yourself, and bonding with friends over cheeky sparkle, burlesque gets you physically feeling good in fact it can even be considered a workout burlesque provides a pretty good workout.

Anything that gets you hot and gently perspiring is generally considered exercise, so taking burlesque classes is a fun way to boost your fitness. Is it time to get your body moving and raise those positive energy levels?

Treadmills are boring and repetitive. Lifting weights can be downright dangerous. But dancing? We can’t think of one downside.

Burlesque also helps to captivate the elusive inner glow. You know, the glow you get when you realise how fun life is and that actually you’re pretty awesome and that you really should spend less time giving a damn and more time giggling!!

Burlesque Bunnies At a Cheek of it Burlesque Hen Party In London

How Do You Become a Burlesque Dancer?

Why not use your Burlesque Hen Party as a way to find out? It will certainly provide a quick introduction to gauge your interest and skill level.

If after the party you want to learn more, sign up for a weekly Beginners Showtime Course. There, you’ll learn the classic burlesque moves, develop your personal character, learn glove peels, stockings striptease and the very naughty nipple tassel twirling, and….. have the opportunity to take part in a troupe performance at the end of the course!!!

Once you have the burlesque bug you can take our advanced course where you’ll learn how to devise your own work, including stories, choreography, music, and props. And if you choose take the necessary steps to eventually become a professional burlesque dancer.

What Should I know Before Booking a Hen Party?

If you’re booking a burlesque hen party for someone else, it’s probably a good idea to determine the comfort level of the hen.

That being said, from curious kitten to teasing tiger our commitment is that every woman feels confident and fabulous and  it’s amazing to see women come out of their shells and blossom into burlesque beauties within the space of an hour.

Even the most reserved guests find themselves caught up in the glittertastic appeal of these parties, which are like none other.

As long as each woman is above 16 years old, there’s really no restrictions. If you’re booking a private party class you can even bring a cheeky boy or two.

Also, make sure each participant brings a pair of heels and an outfit fit for the occasion. A party dress will work, but the more over-the-top, the better!

Encourage everyone to dig into their closets for that outfit they never get the chance to wear.. You can even have a contest to see who’s best dressed for the party.

How Should I Choose a Burlesque Class/School?

When choosing the right studio for your burlesque hen party, there are a few things to consider.

First, any and all teachers should be professional burlesque performers themselves. This ensures they really are experts and can show you what you need to succeed.

You should also look for organisers who are with you every step of the way to answer questions and accommodate your schedule as much as possible. They should be flexible (in more ways than one!), and happy to work with you to create a fun experience for everyone.

Cheekettes Getting Their Certificates at Burlesque Hen Party in Pineapple Dance Studio's London

Ways to Make Your Burlesque Hen Party Shine

Once you’ve decided to move forward with a burlesque hen party, there are a few things you can do to make it even better.

If the hen has a particular theme or colour scheme for her upcoming wedding, think about incorporating that into your burlesque costumes.

You can also plan a shopping trip before the party to help each girl find some things that might not be in her closet (yet). Perhaps head to a fancy lingerie store and don’t leave until each person has at least one item to wear at the party. We will be happy to recommend the most fun and authentic stores.

Get inspired right now with these highly recommended vintage clothing and lingerie outlets:

What Katie Did


Secrest In Lace

Vivien of Holloway

If you’re thinking of handing out favours at the hen party, make it relevant to the event! Feather boas are always a good choice. As are stockings, glittery gloves, and nipple tassels (the hen gets her own pair at the party).

Things to Remember

The more fun you put into planning for this event, the more fun everyone will get out of it.

Don’t leave any room for self-doubt or hesitation. This is a sparkletastic zone filled only with confident cheekettees, giggles and good times.

If you have any questions or you’d like to set up a time to plan a burlesque hen party, feel free to drop us a line for more information. We look forward to dancing with you!


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