Our Covid 19 Response

Shimmy in Safety with The Cheek of it!

We are so excited to be open and shimmying again. The safety of our students and teachers is of the utmost importance to us. Having taken time to study and adapt the way we run the school in accordance to the latest safety guidance, here is our response. 

All of our dance studios are Covid safe spaces and are following the latest Tier 2 guidance including;

smaller classes to allow everyone to socially distance, wearing face coverings in all public spaces. allowing time between classes to disinfect the rooms, anti bac available for all students to use on site. 

We are also offering the opportunity to join the class via zoom if you should have symptoms or need to self isolate. 

Our performance venues are also operating under strict Covid Safety guidance. Including smaller audiences, socially distanced tables, track and trace, mask wearing (accept at your table) and table service via an app. Venues closing by 10pm

We are also limiting the number of people on stage at the same time and have sourced extra rooms for performers to get changed backstage.

We are following the latest updates closely and doing everything within our power to keep our students and teachers safe whilst still offering you a fabulous experience. 

If you have any questions on any of the above please do not hesitate to get in touch.