Zoe Charles:
The Cheek of it! Founder – Lady Cheek

International Burlesque star, Femininity Coach, Performer, Writer, Devisor and Comedienne.

Zoe is a Performer/Teacher/Speaker/writer and Femininity Coach. She founded the award winning school of burlesque and Cabaret The Cheek of it! in 2007 and has now taught along with her team of teachers taught over 7000 women worldwide.

As a femininity coach and advocate for feminine empowerment and celebration Zoe founded World Femininity Day in 2011 which attracted over 30,000 people from other 73 countries and raised money to end Female Genital Cutting for Orchid Project in 2012 and 2015.

As a performer and writer Zoe has her own sell out solo show; Memoirs of a Slutsky inspired by the real life story of meeting her biological father in 2011.

Zoe Charles - Lady Cheek
The Founder
~ Zoe Charles ~

Theatre & The Visual Arts

Zoe is a TEDx speaker, has been featured in the press and on TV for all the above- Hailed as an Entrepreneur by the Londonist, described as 'Adrian Mole meets Caitlin Moran' by Exeunt Magazine, awarded a London cabaret Award for her contribution to the Burlesque and Cabaret community.

Most recently Zoe has become a Mother, she now lives with her two sons Osian and Aengus along with her partner in Oxfordshire.

Zoe Charles - Lady Cheek 2

Watch Zoe's TEDx Talk Here

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