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International Burlesque star, Femininity Coach, Performer, Writer, Devisor and Comedienne.

A captivating storyteller and vivacious vixen, Zoe Charles AKA Lady Cheek has taught thousands of students and wowed audiences the world over. “Having always had a passion for dressing up, performance and all things feminine and glamorous, being a Burlesque Super Showgirl and a teacher of tease is my idea of heaven and this is how I got here.”From the age of 5 I took ballet and drama lessons and throughout my youth I spent as much time on stage as I possibly could, when I wasn’t on stage I was making up show’s with my Brother and Sisters, dressing up as Elvis to impress my Step Dad and stealing Mother’s makeup to create exciting grown up lady characters. I dreamed of wearing high heels and red lipstick and would steal these too so I could prance around the lounge to the sound of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ and Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ (it was the 80’s after all) A defining moment of my childhood was when my Mother took me to buy my first court shoes at age 9, a fabulous pair of white slip on heels, they transformed me instantly into a Diva and it took about a week before my Long Suffering Mother slung them to the bottom of the garden in protest of my ‘Madamish’ behaviour!! But this did little to hinder my showgirl spirit.

The Founder – Zoe Charles

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I studied Theatre and Visual Arts at Brighton University and graduated with a BA hons in 2000, I then packed my bags and set off for London in search of glitter and good times. I have been in London for the last 15 years and what an adventure it has been! I set up the Theatre company ‘Charles and Cook’ with a fellow graduate in 2001. We were both Enthralled by the glamour and style of the 1940’s and created theatre inspired by this era. We delighted our audiences with cheeky themes and old school charm and whether it was enticing an audience member down a candle lit corridor with the promise of ripe peaches or strutting in seamed stockings and heels we never failed to tease and tantalise anyone who dared to watch.

Along side this I trained as a Performing Arts teacher and specialised in teaching16-19s and adults, both in colleges and private workshops. I did this for 7 years and am still called upon to teach specialist classes in devised theatre and movement. I also had the opportunity as a performer to work with many exciting companies and events – The People Show, Ragroof Theatre, London International Festival of Theatre, White Rabbit, The South Bank, The Brighton Festival, to name but a few.In 2005 I went to a Burlesque Club which just happened to open up next to the theatre I worked in and finally it all made sense. I realised Burlesque was the perfect place to express femininity, humour, cheekiness, glamour, tease and all round fabulousness. Having found my true home, I recreated myself as the Burlesque Star ‘Lady Cheek’ and have been entertaining audiences all over the UK, Europe and the USA ever since. 2 years after visiting this club I decided to combine my performing and teaching skills and so in 2007, The Cheek of It! School of Burlesque was born.

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We now train over 700 women every year in the Art of feeling Fabulous both for fun and professionally, Yes, Professional Fabulousness!!!We have been quoted as the best Burlesque School in London by a number of sources. We are regularly featured on TV and the media for our unique style of training and the quality of our performers and we are now training women internationally including Italy, Serbia, USA, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Jersey.In 2011 we launched World Femininity Day to acknowledge and celebrate femininity. The event was celebrated in NYC, London, Copenhagen, Zagreb and Rio De ’Jeniro and attracted the interest of 3032 people from over 73 countries on the day. WFD takes place annually on the 24th June and supports The Orchid Project who are committed to ending Female Genital Cutting.”

World Femininity Day Website

The Orchid Project Website

In 2013 I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing and performing a one woman theatrical comedy. Memoirs of a Slutsky is based on the true story of finding my biological Dad, only to discover I am a polish, Lithuanian Jew with the original surname of Slutsky. A gift from the Comedy Gods- I have proudly resurrected the name! Memoirs of a Slutsky won the audience award for best show at The Mimetic Festival, had a sold out run at The Leicester Square Lounge Theatre in 2013 received great reviews and sell out audiences at The Brighton Fringe Festival 2014, debuted in NYC in May 2015 and is currently being developed into a screenplay. Find out more here www.carryoncharles.com Most recently I have had the honour of talking at Tedx on the subject of femininity.

You Can Watch the Video Here

Thanks for reading, I am committed to empowering and inspiring my audience, students, peers, friends and followers with a wiggle, a wink and as much cheeky fun as humanly possible.

I look forward to meeting you X

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“Zoe, Thank you so much for changing my life in the most fantastic and fabulous way, you have sprinkled your glitter and now everything is golden showgirls.”Annaliza Jennings, Showtime and Spotlight Graduate

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