The International Showgirl
Super Advanced Course

A 4 week mini course in London creating your next solo act or take part in a one-day troupe act workshop. Then perform in Florence, Italy as part of a 5 day trip.

Become an International showgirl with an adventure of a lifetime to Florence, Italy.

A 5 day trip to Florence to perform (solo or as part of a troupe) at the famous Teatro dell’Affratellamento (a stunning theatre built in 1865 on the bank of The River Arno) Your trip includes an on location Pin Up shoot, day trip to Tuscany and so much more….

International Show

On Location Group Pin-Up Shoot

Day Trip to Tuscan Countryside

Burlesque Masterclass

Calcio Storico

Athena Von Diva - Solo

Florence Showgirl - Troupe

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Spread The Costs!

Here at the Cheek of it! we want you to have an absolutely fabulous time and try to be as flexible as possible. That’s why all our course places can be secured with a deposit and the rest of the fee can be paid anytime up to the second class of your course allowing you to spread the costs. Simply select ‘deposit’ or ‘full payment’ at the next step.

Full deposit info can be found on the individual course pages

Fly to Florence

Day 1 - We will arrive in Florence be greeted by our hosts; the talented, warm and hilarious Viola Panik and Mr Punch. Once we have settled into our accommodation we will dine at Enoteca de’ Macci. “Enoteca” literally means “wine repository” This beautiful restaurant only uses the finest homegrown Italian ingredients and will be the perfect and most relaxing start to our trip.

Day 2 - we will have brunch locally and then head to The Theatre to rehearse for our most enthusiastic Italian Audience. You will be performing alongside The White Circus students who will no doubt show us how to celebrate our success Italian style.

Day 3 - we will don our best pin up outfits and see the sites of Florence.
With our photographer in tow to capture us in our best ‘Post-Show We Love Florence-Glow’. Rony Cadavid is a very talented photographer and you will not only go home with the most stunning momentos but a lovely reminder of your international showgirl status!!!


And just in case you didn’t know…

Art is what characterizes Florence. And there will be plenty of time to soak up the culture. The city centre itself, which is UNESCO heritage, is a living Renaissance museum, so you can have a delicious bite of art and history just by walking around and visiting the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della Repubblica, Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and the Botticelli Venus and sooo much more!

Day 4 - we leave the city for the magical Chianti region of the Tuscan countryside where we will indulge in tasting the local wines all served up with delicious olive oils and bread at Hotel Salvadonica.

Day 5 - we will visit the White Circus School for a workshop with Viola Panik. Inspired by the powerful feminine archetypes depicted in the art of Florence, Viola will teach you beautiful poses and how to not only tell the story of your own character but channel the very Goddesses themselves.


And Finally

For our total viewing pleasure we will finish our trip by attending the famous annual parade of beautiful men!!! Well, actually it’s called Calcio Storico (a combination of football, rugby and wrestling) that takes place annually on Florence’s Feast Day for it’s patron Saint, St John the Baptist.

Basically, imagine the film 300 meets Gladiator and you’ve got the picture. The much-celebrated event ends with a huge fireworks display. The perfect ending to a Showgirltastic trip


*The Small Print

The price does not include flights, accommodation or meals (except for the wine tasting and aperitifs served on the day trip to Tuscany). Right now flights are from between £22 and £70 each way flying Easyjet to Pisa where we will get a train to Florence.

There are many incredible places to stay in Florence from air bnb apartments to hostels, (we will happily advise you on finding something to suit your budget whether that be buddying up with fellow students or staying solo).

Please note:

You can fly out earlier and come back later if you want to make your trip longer and explore Tuscany. On the final day we will be attending the Calcio Storrocco Parade which is free. If you want to attend the actual game, tickets can be arranged a few weeks before the trip when they become available, the price of the ticket is not included.

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What Other Cheekettes Have Said

What a wonderful way to venture into Burlesque, right from the London workshop to the Florence debut you're thoroughly encouraged and looked after. This workshop is all about feeling and realising how beautiful your body is and how to embrace your femininity. You come away feeling empowered and in touch with your spiritual side. I highly recommend taking a chance on burlesque and seeing your inner beauty shine out.
~ Cheryl Sime ~
Graduate 2019

Why Choose Us?

Expert help and guidance to create your solo burlesque/cabaret act

Develop your own unique style, costume, makeup and more

A supportive network of professionals, peers and graduates

Opportunity to travel and learn abroad

Your Showcase at a top International Burlesque or Theatre Venue

Increased confidence, self esteem, body image and self appreciation

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