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The Cheek of it!

Inspiration, Empowerment & Fun

The Cheek of It! based on three words; inspiration, empowerment and fun started as a one off experiment back in 2007.

An experiment fusing burlesque teaching and performance to create the ultimate celebration of women. 13 years on….with love, passion and total ‘Cheek of It!

We have now trained over 7000 women from all over the world, Have been featured in numerous publications, had an abundance of Television appearances, won multiple awards and competitions and set up an international day of feminine celebration.

World Femininity Day- attracting over 150,000 people from across the globe since 2011 whilst raising awareness and money for Orchid Project ( a wonderful charity committed to ending Female Genital Cutting).

Lady Cheek on the stage
The Founder
~ Zoe Charles ~


Burlesque can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, the word burlesque means to make a mockery or a satire and originally it was more to do with sending up sexuality and gender.

The current burlesque movement or neo burlesque includes classic striptease, modern dance, theatrical mini dramas to comedy, magic, circus, roller skating, knitting….you name it, we can create burlesque with it.

From Boylesque to nerdesque, from feather fans to latex, burlesque provocatively finds new interesting and dramatic ways to present, gender, stereotypes and sexuality.

A vibrant burlesque troupe

Femininity & Burlesque

We believe femininity is the magical essence of every woman and once manifested anything in the world becomes possible.

The Cheek of it uses the ancient and wondrous art of burlesque as the alchemist to open mysterious doors and mystical wisdom, allowing you to rejoice in the full hearted, mind, body and soul experience of your womanhood.

Burlesque dancer holding a sign for the Cheek of it!

Femininity & Masculinity

Just as women are able to revel in their masculine energy we believe Men should be able to fully embrace their feminine energy if they choose to.

Over the last few years we have had more and more enquiries from men not only wanting to learn boylesque but wanting to find powerful ways to express their feminine side.

As Burlesque celebrates and explores gender, it’s the perfect place to mix it up.

A Boylesque dancer on the stage

Our Style Of Cheeky

We define cheeky, as Sexy, Fun, Magic. To be cheeky requires you to be a little bolder, a little more brazen, to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the silliness of the everyday.

When a woman invites sexy, fun, magic into her life, she is living through pleasure and setting her inner GPS system in the direction of what lights her up.

And as we all know, when a woman is lit up, she illuminates everyone around her. We love to see women shine!


How We Teach

For a woman to feel the power and joy of her femininity, it’s an inside job and comes out of a curious, creative and playful space, free from fear and judgement.

With fun and freedom we ask what inspires you? What empowers you?…..About yourself, about the world, colours, songs, stories, what makes you laugh, what lights you up…?

And with the skills of movement, theatre, striptease, comedy and a whole lotta cheeky we support you in creating not only the best performance you can create but the most magical version of yourself- inside and outside of class and on and off the stage.

There are many reasons why a woman may choose to take a burlesque class, every experience is different because we take our inspiration from you but here are some of the areas we excel in Performance, Body Confidence, Fun & Friendship.



The Cheek of It! Has trained some of the most innovative and inspiring performers on the UK and international Burlesque and cabaret scene.

90% of graduates entering UK based burlesque competitions since 2010 have come first, second or third including the winners of Burlesque Idol 2013/2014 and 2015 “Thank you for a life changing year.

I’ve finally found myself with your help and I’ve been on the most amazing journey- from meeting some wonderful friend’s to having the opportunity to perform in some of the most prestigious burlesque events.

My dreams are finally coming true and I hope they continue to do so for me and for the many cheekettes that will pass through your school” Tabitha Taboo


Fun & Friendship

The Cheek of It! is dedicated to you loving your body just the way it is. and falling in love with the uniqueness of who you are right now.
I never thought an ordinary person like me could be so cheeky and find something I Love… ! It’s really helped to give me confidence with the amazing support of some lovely ladies that supported me start to finish.. and I hope are friends for life so proud of everyone and myself… everything a women should be.. cheeky, have a sparkle and love life and their bodies- like me I have learnt to love mine more
Ellie Nichols

Body Confidence & Self Esteem

We are committed to you feeling, welcome, appreciated, loved and nurtured.

We want to know about you and the fabulous contribution you bring not only to class but to your class sisters and Cheek of It! Community. We offer lots of opportunities to socialise and make friends should you choose to take part.

What an amazing night! Thank you for creating something so wonderful! The Cheek of It! feels more than just a school to take classes- it’s a whole community of wonderful women being fabulous and I’ve definitely made friends for life.
Cerian Langdon
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