Dear Cheekettes

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Dear Cheekettes, I Adore You!!

It is with glittertastic joy that I am finally writing my first official blog post, despite having plenty to say, actually sitting down to write it has taken far longer then expected, 8 years in fact;). But here I am 8 years on, 100s of shows, more feathers, glitter and gin consumed than I ever thought humanly possible, over 5000 women, most of which walked through our doors with a cheeky curiosity or a deep yearning for fun, acknowledgment and celebration and the majority of you have walked out with all of that plus new friends and new loves, whether that be yourself, a new project/ career or even a beau, a starry eyed beau wooed by your magnificent charm and sparkle. Over 5000, wow that probably means myself and the TCOI team have between us seen about 10,000 nipple tassels twirling……

So it’s a good job I adore you, literally adore you all, it’s such a privilege, delight and honour to know you. I adore you in the – open my arms and gift each of you my heart- kind of way, I adore you in the- I don’t care what it takes for you to get your wonder- kind of way, I adore you in the – I want you to know that the world desperately needs you to show up and shine- kind of way, I adore you in the -wow look at you, look at you step into your glory and glow- kind of way. Yes that’s right I have a pretty major crush on all of you. I’m a super keen bean of possible stalker territory…. I adore you regardless of your shape or size, or age, or wrinkles or cellulite. Regardless of wether you become an award winning performer or simply come to one class. I adore you because you are brave and courageous and beautiful, wise, funny, clever, naughty, bad, hilarious, because you are kinder then you know. Because when you follow that curiosity that leads you to us, you are not just following, you are also leading the way for women everywhere to engage in what inspires them, what empowers them and what brings them fun. And the nourishment of women is of paramount concern to me because when we can nourish ourselves, we nourish everyone around us. When women consistantly go unnourished then so does the world. And I’m soooo bored of that.

One of the favourite things I ever learned, was to be adored. Not just to adore myself but to allow others to adore me! Not only on stage but generally. And I don’t mean in the cute as a button kind of way either (although I totally am;) I mean in the original Latin meaning of the word – Worthy of Worship! That’s a pretty bold statement. As women we have undoubtedly grown up with lots of disempowering stories about not being too showey, not getting the wrong kind of attention, to be humble, to take up as little space as possible. And if we are going to be adored then we better prove we are worth it, prove it by doing everything. And aren’t we brilliant at it. We can really do it all! But the wiser I get the less interested I am in proving how deserving I am. I’m much, more more interested in just unashamedly being fabulous, just……, just because.

One of the best bits of running The Cheek of It! is teaching adoration, I love you learning to be adored, it’s an art! Sometimes we need to add on, to step into adoration and some times we need to take away. And it doesn’t require a million instagram selfies although we love those too. It requires you to stand and breath and just be with you, quietly or with music that moves you, stand and breathe and breathe your magic into every part of your exquisite body, sacred soul and marvellous mind. I dare you to be adored just for standing and breathing, my God that’s already a lot! I dare you to be adored for just walking into a room, I dare you to be adored like the queen just arrived, I dare you to be adored with kindness, grace and supreme sass, I dare you to be adored for simply showing up and I’ve been resisting writing this for the past half an hour but ” you had me at hello” yes I did just quote Jerry Maquire!!! And I know you secretly liked it ……

You see being adored isn’t being demanding, it’s not too much to ask, it’s simply starting from a place of I am enough, I have nothing to prove and when we start from this beautiful view, we don’t need to spend our lives proving we deserve love. We don’t need to be consumed with fixing ourselves, we don’t need to compete with the women or the men in our lives. We don’t need to fight to get anywhere. We’re already here, gorgeous, peaceful and curious. Curious about what inspires us, what empowers us and what brings us fun and maybe, that’s standing nudey on the stage but for a sparkly tassel/merkin combo and a tonne of glitter, maybe that’s wearing bright orange just because you feel like it, or maybe it’s becoming that novelist or setting up that business, or becoming the most brilliant leader of the whole wide world, who ends world wars and rescues baby Koala’s!!

When we are not fixing ourselves we have this wonderful space to create and it’s from this delicious feminine infused creative space that we get to experience the most joy, the most love and the most wonder.

So my wish for you is learn to be adored, plain and simple. Start with adoring yourself and then allow others to adore you. With love, kindness and curiosity………you are worthy of worship and I adore you XXX

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