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Doll.I.Am Burlesque #OohTheCheekOfIt

Doll.I.Am lets her mask slip to become the cheekiest Cheekette in July!

A Cheeky Moment a Day Helps you Sparkle, Shimmy and Play!

Doll.I.Am will be joining Miss Luna Peach and Hadas Kellner in The Cheek of It! 2014 Calendar, shot by the fabulous Sin Bozkurt!

If you want to join them, share your cheeky moments with us today!

Need some cheeky inspiration? There are two places left on the Super Sensational Showgirl course which starts in just under two weeks! – with a performance on the Battersea Barge! – and our Spotlight and Showtime courses start in September!

A huge congratulations to the Cheek of It! graduates who staged a Glitter Revolution last Thursday, and raised over £1000 for Cancer Research!
The evening started warm, and only got hotter as Tallulah Taboo, Lady May Den-Voyage, Calibre Blue, Lily Stargazer, Bebe Van Der Belt, Miss Luna Peach, Velvet Cordoba and Miss Gigi Jolie sang, shimmied, teased and tassled!

Well done to Cheek of It! headmistress Zoe Charles, who won the Audience Award for Best Cabaret in Finger In The Pie’s ‘Onesies’ after debuting her cabaret show ‘Memoirs of a Slutsky’ at the Mimetic Festival! That was only Part 1, so stay tuned for part 2!

Glitter and good times! Lots of love, Lady Cheek and The Cheek of It! team xx