Win A Pin-Up Shoot with Renowned Burlesque Photographer Sin Bozkurt!

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We have been very busy at The Cheek of It! HQ, tightening corsets, snapping suspenders and fluffing fans to bring you the most thrilling and exciting news from our courses, events and glittery adventures.
Ready, Steady, Shimmy!!

How can cheeky can you be? We have been delighted with the response to our mission to spread cheeky far and wide!

A moment of cheeky a day helps you sparkle shimmy and play!

We’re not just a once a week kind of girl, we’re forever!

Well cheeky doesn’t take a day off and you are the living glittering proof….

#oohthecheekofit Cheekettes in May

But it gets a whole lot more exciting and cheeky than that as we add a competitive element to the game in play!

Oooh The Cheek of it! Competition

Win a pin-up shoot and a chance to star in The Cheek of It! calendar 2014!!!!!

Yes that’s right!

We want you to choose a winner each month by Liking the picture on the Facebook page and that Cheekette will win……..

A pin-up shoot with the renowned Sin Bozkurt and be featured in The Cheek of it! first official calendar for 2014!

And you don’t even have to be a Cheek of It! graduate to enter, anybody can ….even a boy….!

You can enter through Twitter @burlesquecheek using the hashtag #OohTheCheekofit! any time until the last day of the month and votes will be counted on the same day.

Just let us know what cheeky things you are up to!

Lady cheek Red & Black and Fans by Sin Bozkurt Burlesque Photographer

Lady Cheek just got her pics back from a shoot with Sin and as you can see the competition winners are in for a treat!

Sin Bozkurt is a popular choice photographer for burlesque and cabaret, have a look at his website and you can see why:

Sin will be doing special offers, including one hour photo shoots! To find out more, please contact him and watch out for more information on Sin in our next shimmytastic news!

What have the Showtime and Spotlight students been up to?

The new Showtime students started last week and have already been revealing some rather naughty characters, teaching this term is the fabulous Carmella De La Minx and we shall be keeping you updated on all the shimmytastic shenanigans as the term progresses!

Showtime Girls Creating Characters in Burlesque Class

And the Spotlights had a very exciting time with the famous international burlesque showgirl Missy Malone who taught a specialist class on fan dancing!

Spotlights fan dancing with Missy Malone burlesque

And if you missed your chance to book on this terms Showtime or Spotlight burlesque courses, stay tuned as we will be releasing new dates very soon!

And finally,

Make sure you get tickets to
The London Burlesque Festival
which is on until Sunday 19th and catch The Cheek of It! graduates, Moorita Encantada and Miss Amerattease, break a nail girls, we know you’ll be fabulous!

Glitter and good times! Lots of love, Lady Cheek and The Cheek of It! team xx