5 Tips On How To Look & Feel Genuinely Sexy

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As a burlesque teacher and founder of the award winning school The Cheek of it! Women often come to me because they want to feel and look more sexy.

They arrive with the assumption that to be sexy they need to spend months in the gym, spend a fortune on everything from designer shoes to Botox and that becoming sexy is going to be a very serious business indeed. However having taught 1000’s of women over the last 9 years I know this simply isn’t so, feeling and looking sexy like most things is an adventure in self acceptance and celebration, with a few little tweaks along the way. Here are 5 tips that will have you unleashing your inner tigress in no time.

Bebe Van Der Belt

Bebe Van Der Belt comparing at The Cheek of it! Revue Show – Fabulously Sexy

1. Go through silly first

My number one rule to feeling sexy… You have to go through silly first! The quicker you loosen up and start to laugh at yourself, the funnier, more beautiful and ultimately sexier you become. If I’m having a bad day it’s usually because I’ve forgotten to laugh at myself and or the ridiculousness of life.

2. It’s how you move

It doesn’t matter what size you are it’s how you move, look around you, is it always the skinniest, most model like women who get the most attention? Try to separate people’s body size from their posture, the way they sit and move and you’ll notice that the sexiest women are the ones who move with ease and grace regardless of their size. So forget about trying to obtain an unrealistic weight and take a ballet lesson or yoga class instead.

Tess Holiday

Tess Holliday showing us that sexy has nothing to do with size

3. Put a wiggle in your walk

Shoot from the hip and put a wiggle in your walk. I was stopped and asked for my number in the street last week simply on the strength of my walk. Walking like a pin-up is one of the most popular skills we teach in burlesque. Start to notice what your hips are doing when you walk, pull up from the waist and have fun circling each hip as you step. If you want the wiggle without the effort where a very tight pencil skirt which finishes below the knee, and you’ll have that Marilyn wiggle in no time.

4. Be ezquisite

Every part of you is exquisite, it’s not all about boobs and bottoms. Caressing your own forearm, neck or collar bone can be far more sexy than a pushed up cleavage or skin-tight trousers. Enjoy the feel of your own skin and soon enough your partner or latest crush will be begging to feel it too.

5. It’s a way of being

It’s written all over your face, sexy is a way of being not a colour by numbers project. You could have all the right moves and tricks and it won’t matter one bit unless you’ve got that cheeky glint of mischief or a teasing temptress in your eyes. Start by thinking about something naughty and/or funny, a secret for you to know and for the world to want to know. Soon enough that cheeky magic will work it’s way all over your body until you are literally vibrating like a sexy Siren goodness.

Tess Holiday

Timeless sex appeal with Marilyn Monroe

What about you?

So these are my 5 top tips on how to feel sexy and as you can see it really is all about how you feel and how you put yourself into that Sexy mode of being. If you’ve got any tips on feeling sexy, leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts too x x

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