The Cheek of It Classes in Full Swing, New Courses Now Booking and Burlesque in Huffington Post!

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The Cheek of It! term is now in full swing with both new Showtime beginners courses starting this week!

Along with all our new showtime students we also welcome two new showtime teachers too!!

With joy in our hearts we are delighted to announce Ginger Cupcake and Lady May Den-Voyage as our latest Showtime teachers……

ginger blushIt feels amazing to be back where I started four years ago with The Cheek of It! except this time I’m teaching the joys of burlesque rather than being the beginner! My first class was great fun, they’re all smashing ladies, full of enthusiasm and energy and I can’t wait to see them when they all find their inner divas!!
– Ginger Cupcake

lady may

The Cheek of It! new Showtime Showgirls are just starting their journey of glitter, shimmies and #CheeketteSisterhood…just from our first class I know I’ve got the cheekiest Cheekettes yet – this’ll be a heck of a term!
– Lady May Den Voyage

And here they are with all their burly showgirls! and as is traditional, after we shimmy we like to eat cake, they’ll be a cupcake with your name on it when you join our next showtime course starting in April!

2014-01-27 20.29.10

001 First Class Cake

Book your Showtime Beginners Burlesque Course Here!

Book your Spotlight Advanced Burlesque Course Here!

So now The Cheek of It are full speed ahead!! In 4 weeks on the 30th March, all our ladies will be taking to the stage for their Showtime and Spotlight debut!! so SAVE THE DATE…

Cheekette School Trip lead by Head Girl Lady May Den-Voyage, and Deputy Head Girls Belle de Coco Noire and Luna Peach was a massive success!

2014-02-12 22.04.00 2014-02-12 22.03.37

Thanks to all the ladies who came and made it so much fun and a huge Thank You to TCOI graduate Vivacity Bliss for producing such a fabulous night, Cabaret Roulette rocks and we highly recommend you catch the next show Celebrity!

Zoe Huffington Post

If you’re a burly girl, and proud!, you should read The Cheek of It! founder Zoe Charles’ new Huffington Post blog – the first post is all about how burlesque is empowering, not demeaning to women! Chime in with a comment if you agree!

Read the post HERE!

Glitter and good times! Lots of love, Lady Cheek and The Cheek of It! team xx