Femininity Coaching

What if being powerfully feminine was the access to the biggest breakthroughs, successes and fulfilment, not only for yourself but also your family, friends, colleagues and communities?

Since 2007 I have worked with over 5000 women from all over the world exclusively in the areas of femininity, body confidence and sexuality.

Femininity coaching is working 121 to access and connect with your femininity, enabling authentic communication and unbounded self expression in all areas of your life.

When a women is operating from her feminine centre she doesn’t need to act like a man or indulge in disempowering patterns of female behaviour to create and enjoy the life she wants. When a woman harnesses the power of her femininity, the life she desires comes to her with ease and grace.For me femininity is a courageous- funny- sexy- creative -magical- joyous essence- it feels like an essential source of nourishment and power, a power that guides me to the authentic, full hearted, full bodied and fully fabulous experience of being a woman.

But not everybody sees it that way. Femininity has had a bad wrap in recent times, well actually since the beginning of recorded time. Being feminine is often perceived as weak and passive a vulnerability to be hidden or even ashamed of. From exploitation and suffering to being ignored and discredited.

Thanks to the hard work of generations of Mothers, Grandmothers and sisterhoods the world over we have, in the west at least, achieved a decent stepping on the equality ladder. But it has come at a huge price. We are so used to equality meaning we can have what a man has if we act like a man that we have often had to sacrifice our feminine expression in return for a seat at the table. That is to not only too high a price to pay but it robs the world of exactly what it needs more of. Masculinity is gorgeous and wonderful. But by suppressing our femininity we neglect to tap into our most precious resource. “When I’m in my male energy I benefit from action, focus, productivity. But if I don’t incorporate the listening, intuition and wisdom of my feminine side, I’m off course, achieving goals, but goals that don’t fully serve me or those around me”

Femininity is as important as masculinity and recognising this in ourselves is a vital step towards the balance and harmony so many of us crave on a personal, community and global level.My commitment is that every woman gets the wild, wise and wonderful power of her femininity and is able to harness that energy in every area of her life.

Every coaching experience reflects the uniqueness of you, so whether you choose a one off session or a 6 week course, you will feel inspired, empowered and fabulously feminine.


Ted X – Zoe Charles – ‘Respecting & Celebrating Femininity On A Global Scale Will Change The World’

Femininity Courses

Redefining Femininity

(1 session)

Redefining what femininity means to you, letting go of disempowering ideas and images of what you think you should or shouldn’t be as woman.


You can spread the cost with a 50% deposit

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Connecting and Creating

(3 sessions)

Includes – Redefining Femininity

When we have a blank canvas, we will recreate your femininity based on what inspires you, what empowers you and what brings you joy. This may lead to taking on or exploring new things from a dance class, to how you dress, to daily practices and rituals.


You can spread the cost with a 50% deposit

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Delighting in Desires

(6 sessions)

Includes – Redefining Femininity

Includes – Connecting and Creating

What do you truly desire? A new relationship? Transformed health? A breakthrough in your career? Or something completely different? Once you’ve started to gain confidence and revel in your feminine prowess it’s time to use your magic. Choosing an area of your life that you would like to transform we will work together to fulfil on specific desires with clear personal outcomes for you to celebrate.


You can spread the cost with a 50% deposit

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“I wanted to let you know that our session really made a difference to me already…….thanks again for this very much needed and so relevant and applicable session”
Barbara Chawalla

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