The Sacred Showgirl Masterclass

Intention Setting and Showgirl Glory

Burlesque Masterclass - The Cheek of it! - London
Allow Your Truest Desires to Inspire 2018 and Reveal Your Most Authentic Self.

Dear showgirl did you know you are EVERYTHING, And at the same time a blank canvas? At anytime you can wipe the slate clean and start again.

You can reclaim your dreams and step into your immense power at the click of your fingers, a swish of your hair, and a stamp of your ruby slipper.

You are THE GLORY! You are a shapeshifter. You are perfect rhythm and serene timing. You have the power to create life as you desire and your time is NOW!


The Sacred Showgirl Day is an invitation to wake up every part of your body. Remember your magic, set intentions with pure inspired soul thoughts, and…… dance like you truly don’t give a F***k.

The world needs you to show up BIG, BOLD, and WITHOUT APOLOGY. Because you are EVERYTHING!


  • Create 2018

    Powerfully create your best year yet

  • Specialist Workshops

    Shakti Dance | Sacred Manifesting | BurleX Fitness | Showgirl Class |

  • Gain Expert Skills

    Learn how to use your unique magic in your life and on stage

  • Authentic Burlesque

    Classic techniques & Routines

  • Perfecting The Art

    Bumps, grinds, shimmies and routines plus the attitude and confidence to shine

  • You Are Everything

    Let us help you step into your Glory!!

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Class Details

We are gathering the most awesome teachers to empower, guide, and inspire you.


Lady Cheek; Founder of The Cheek of It! And Femininity Coach.

Suzy Perry; Shakti Spirit and Alchemy of Breath facilitator.

Heidi Von Swan; Spotlight and BurleX Fitness teacher.

Bettsie Bon Bon; International, Acclaimed Burlesque Performer, Winner of Best British Burlesque Performer 2016 and all Round Goddess!!

The day will start with a Goddess reading and meditation. This will relax you, ground you, and prepare you to receive love, inspiration, and soul path guidance.

Followed by:

Shakti Spirit Dance (known as the yoga of dance), to awaken the divine feminine within every cell of your body.

BurleX Fitness, ‘The ultimate Showgirl Workout’ to stretch you, shimmy you, strut you, giggle you, and shake off all the Christmas sludge.

A ‘give no f***s Showgirl Class, to remind you of your power, your sass, your sacred sexuality, and your right to celebrate your unique and sensational body.

A deeply nourishing Alchemy of Breath Workshop, to capture all the goodness in your body.

And……Finally, when every part of our body mind and souls are singing with confidence, and joy. We will sit in a sacred sisterhood circle and write down our inspired intentions for 2018.

You get to say exactly how it’s going to be, because you are EVERYTHING, And a blank canvas all at once. You are in exactly the right place at the right time.

The world needs you to step into your POWER and I guarantee it’s going to be glorious!!!

The Burlesque
Master Class

  • Date & Time

    Sunday, 28th January, 2018
    Time – 11:00am til 4:30pm

  • Location

    Academy Mews
    15 Pratt Mews,
    Camden, London,
    NW1 0AD,

  • Price

    Per Person

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“You are incredible, I’ve had so much fun learning burlesque with you. Thank You”Ursula Joy

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