The Burlesque Master Class Series


A Master Class Series in Burlesque Technique

We are delighted to introduce 5 new Master Classes for 2018;

From genuine Showgirl moves all the way from Crazy Horse Paris, to Classic Fan Dancing, Golden Era Striptease, Neo Burlesque, stage presence and Gorlesque, there is something for everyone.


  • Workshops

    With an industry professional

  • Specialist Techniques

    Develop your style and perfect your technique

  • Gain Expert Skills

    Fans, Stage Presence, Striptease & More

  • Authentic Burlesque

    Both classic and contemporary techniques & styles

  • Perfecting The Art

    Elevate your performances with professional tips and advice

  • Confidence And Extra Cheek

    The ability to own the stage and with confidence and charm.

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Masterclass Workshops

Georgina Bishop ~

A Real Parisian Showgirl!

We are delighted to welcome Georgina Bishop all the way from Paris!!

Georgina who starred as Martha Von Krupp in Desirs, Crazy Horse, Paris, (The same show that starred Dita Von Teese) is a professional dancer and showgirl who has performed all over the world including The Paris Follies and Burlesque at Le Cabaret, Monte Carlo.

Georgina will be teaching you stunning showgirl moves and helping you to reveal your sensuality, sexuality and femininity.

Date & Location

May 27th 11-3pm, Academy Mews, 15 Pratt Mews, London, Camden, NW1 0AD

Felicity Furore ~

The Golden Age of Burlesque & Sensational Striptease

Felicity needs no introduction, a TCOI graduate and teacher.

A celebrated Burlesque Artist and Pin Up. Currently ranked #15 in the UK by 21st Century Burlesque magazine’s world-renowned “Burlesque Top 50” list.

Felicity Furore has been taking the British burlesque scene by storm since her debut in 2013. Her work pays homage to the golden age of burlesque, when a dropped glove and a meaningful look sent pulses racing.

Felicity will be teaching you to strip- TEASE!!!! Like you’ve never stripped before and mentoring you in how to create your pulse racing moments.

Date & Location

24th June 12-4pm, Academy Mews, 15 Pratt Mews, London, Camden, NW1 0AD

Rosie Kohl ~

Stage Presence and Musicality

Rosie is a dancer, performer, musician and director. A talented Belly dancer and director

Stillness, Space, Shape, Stage.

This workshop will examine each of these elements in isolation and bring them all together to deeper understand stagecraft, movement and how to be more deliberate in your choices to get the most out of your act.

Musicality-breaking down songs to build your choreography.

This workshop will run through an easy, simple set of tools that will make breaking your music down much more manageable. Soon you’ll be hitting those beats, getting creative with your interpretations and creating pieces that are exciting, nuanced and complex

Date & Location

29th of July 12-4pm, Academy Mews, 15 Pratt Mews, London, Camden, NW1 0AD

Missy Malone ~

Fan Dancing Pin Up and The Classic Bump and Grind.

We are so excited to welcome the infamous Missy Malone back to The Cheek of It!

Missy has shared the bill with some of burlesque’s top names including Catherine D’Lish, Kitten De Ville, Dirty Martini, Kitten on the Keys, Mimi Le Meaux and Immodesty Blaize.

She is currently featured as one of the faces of “Lambs Navy Rum” True British Characters Campaign 2013-18. Missy was also voted in the 21st Century Burlesque International “Burlesque Top 50” in 2013 and “UK Top 20” most recently in 2017.

She was also named as a “Rocker” in the “Rock the Cotswolds” hit list for 2014. It’s rare to find Missy in the Country let alone with a whole free day to come and share her skills.

Missy will teach you to fan dance like the a Silver Screen Siren and help you cultivate your own unique poster worthy poses!!

Date & Location

30th September 11-3pm, Academy Mews, 15 Pratt Mews, London, Camden, NW1 0AD

Evelyn Carnate ~

Down and Dirty, Sinister Stories and Gorlesque

Evelyn is a shapeshifting showgirl. A little imp in disguise with a naughty sense of humour who can go from sweet to subversive, sensual to downright twisted in seconds. This exotic minx is playful, powerful & fabulously unpredictable.

Evelyn is not only a very talented performer but seasoned director and producer having created and produced Alice in Underland, and a Burlesque Cabaret at Glastonbury Festival as well as numerous London theatre productions.

To celebrate the Halloween Weekend, Evelyn will be bringing out our dark and dirty sides, You will be creating filthy but fabulous stories, learning how to shock and delight your audience in equal measure and how to step out of your comfort zone to create innovative, original and squeal worthy work.

Date & Location

28th October 11-3pm, Academy Mews, 15 Pratt Mews, London, Camden, NW1 0AD

Pricing & Booking Details

£88 per class
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What Other Cheekettes Have Said
“You are incredible, I’ve had so much fun learning burlesque with you. Thank You”Ursula Joy

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