The Cheekette Team & Community

In 2012, The Cheek of It! officially set up the Cheekette Community. A cheekette is essentially current students and graduates (Big sisters) of the school but our community also incorporates any woman who resonates with the Cheekette Ethos.

A Cheekette is a Woman who invites cheeky, fun, magic into her life. She inspires and empowers herself and those around her. She is: a Glittery, Gorgeous Goddess!

Lady May Den-Voyage

Head Girl

Finding both her acceptance and appreciation of her dangerous curves at The Cheek Of It!, award-winning Lady May has been published in various magazines like Cosmopolitan and More! to advocate the body confidence she learnt at our school. Our Head Girl is fiery (literally), Cheekette-adoring, and dedicated to making every student that walks through our doors skip home with a spring in their step, oodles of sass, and glitter in their hearts!

Graduated from The Cheek of it! In 2009.

Belle De Coco Noir

Deputy Head Girl

Being Miss Belle de Coco Noire has an extra special place in my heart as my showgirl persona was birthed all because of the magic that our school creates! The Cheek of It is not just about putting on a performance or looking glamorous, although these are amazing qualities that we do provide, but for me, the core of what we believe is through the art of burlesque, we unleash the inner goddess from within! As Deputy Head, my role is primarily to empower our Cheekettes, to instill confidence and let their light shine through!

Graduated from The Cheek of it! In 2013

Miss Oopsie Ooohh

Deputy Head Girl

A cheeky cheesecake calamity, she shimmies, she stumbles, she gets stuck in her stockings. Miss Oopsie Ooohh adds a little bumble to burlesque!

Being a deputy head at TCOI gives me the joy of joining the students on their journey from first class to sparkling in the spotlight on stage. It’s inspiring to watch them develop as performers; their confidence and burlesque characters growing as they become glamorous, glittering goddesses. TCOI is an amazing community that celebrates empowerment and fun, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Graduated from The Cheek of It! In 2010.

Carmella De La Minx

Winner of Burlesque Idol May 2011 and London Burlesque Week Finalist 2011, Carmella is a trained dancer with years of professional experience.

Graduated from The Cheek of It in 2010.

Missy Malone

Missy has shared the bill with some of burlesque’s top names including Kitten De Ville, Dirty Martini, Kitten on the Keys, Mimi Le Meaux and Immodesty Blaize. Missy appears regularly in a variety of extravaganzas including the likes of The Candy Box in Birmingham, Vegas! Edinburgh, Torture Garden Events in London and in festivals such as the “Summer Jamboree”,” High Rockabilly” and “Rhythm Riot”. Missy has performed worldwide and visited countries such as Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, Ireland, Finland, Jersey, Spain, India and France. Missy is also the creator and Star of The Sell out ‘Missy Revue and Friends Show’ currently touring the UK.

Burlesque artist and Pin Up Model.

Bernadette Russel

An experienced and award winning performer. Bernadette’s CV ranges from TV to Theatre from Stand up to writing. Bernadette is the founder of White Rabbit and runs 4 successful nights across the UK.

Actress, Comedian, Cabaret Star, Storyteller and The Cheek of It! Revue, resident Compere.

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