Burlesque and Bloggers at Cafe de Paris!

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Here at Cheek of It! HQ we LOVE Cafe de Paris! It’s every showgirl’s dream to perform on that sparkling stage, and last Friday we invited fifteen gorgeous bloggers to a private room there for a bespoke burlesque course, replete with cheek, charm and, of course, cupcakes!


The lovely, and scarily efficient, Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries organised the event for us, arranging incredible goody bags for the girls, and delicious sponsors! We LOVED the House of Cuckoo cupcakes – the perfect sweet treat for every Cheekette!

We loved Sarah’s style! Here’s what she thought of the class at her blog The Laughing Medusa:

Zoe instantly put us at ease, as we got in the mood and she taught us our moves. There was a lot of giggling (and sass!) as we all stepped into our burlesque personas for the evening. Caz and I felt particularly taken with all the strutting and sparkle; we’re both itching to sign up for the Showtime Beginner Course starting in the fall.

 Lynsay came all the way from Glasgow to shake and shimmy with us! She blogged about it at Miss West End Girl:

We bumped, grinded, shimmied and framed our way through the next hour or so and laughed every minute. There’s nothing like a burlesque lesson to make a room full of girls feel like stone cold foxes and ready to take on the universe. Who run the world? That’s right. Lady Cheek did a fantastic job of building our confidence and delivered the class with a cheeky wink and oodles of cheesecake charm!

Emma won the star prize from Sparkle up Your Life for her shimmytastic moves! She blogged about her experience at Bloomzy:

We were in for a mini masterclass in burlesque from Zoe from The Cheek Of It School of Burlesque & Cabaret – a very sophisticated and classy lady. I am a very big fan of burlesque and have attended more than my fair share of cabarets. I’ve often left after a show and professed my desire to be a burlesque dancer to anyone who will listen. I find it such a beautiful, sexy and empowering form of art. So you can imagine just how excited I was to have this opportunity. It’s safe to say I shimmied and I shook, like there was no tomorrow! […] I’ve caught the burlesque bug, and everyone knows that once you’ve started shimmying that booty, you can’t stop!

 After the class we moved into the boudoir room to take some cheeky photos, find them all at Sarah’s blog!

Glitter and good times! Lots of love, Lady Cheek and The Cheek of It! team xx

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